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Omid;s Mission

Omid's Mission Rose

Please Purchase this rose and the proceeds go to Aplastic Anemia and Omid's Mission Foundation.


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Please Donate To Aplastic Anemia and Omid's Mission Foundation.

written by Victoria Yousefi

Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize

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"A Book We Know Oprah Would Love!"

"All seeds of love gently planted leave blossoms that will never fade away. Some people are such a blessing to know, they will always be remembered with gentle smiles and good stories and happy feelings in the hearts of all who loved them"

A tribute to my son, my book, Omid's Mission, was written to honor my son, Omid, and the way he lived his life, and to help those who are afflicted with and trying to find a cure for the serious blood condition aplastic anemia dyskeratosis congenita.


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By purchasing this unique, limited edition "Omid's Mission Rose", it will bring us one step closer, to helping us find a cure for Aplastic Anemia.

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